Dickins Audio – Starting Out

We believe that multi-channel sound should be simple, fun, creative, exploratory and accessible.  Sound as an experience can be physically and emotionally moving.  The technology and art behind sound inspires and motivates learning and engineering development. 

After departing from Dolby as its most prolific inventor, Glenn Dickins has joined with me to design, develop and make available a new level of scalable multi-channel audio equipment.  Rather than targeting standard multi-media presentation and formats, Dickins Audio is pursuing a platform for radical exploration.  With a bunch of speakers, microphones and simple software, anything you can imagine in spatial sound is possible.

We believe that passion and access to technology can change lives, as it has for Glenn and I, and we want to reach and encourage wider diversity and participation in audio.  With this in mind, starting prices will be feasible for school projects and teaching. 

Watch this space as we post updates on the development and concepts that will be available soon. 

- Karen Dickins, Founder



Location:  Como  NSW  Australia



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